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“As an entrepreneur, you have to be your own career coach. You have to build your own path to fulfilment. You have to identify and chart out your own milestones to success.”

Gaurav Marya
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I am a Growth Driver and passionate about unlocking the true potential of a Business. I work closely with the Brand and its Founders and teams and help them scale to an enterpise. The Franchise India family has helped over 5000 Brands to build over 100 billion dollar distribtuion networks in the last ten years.

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    If you are done with the drill of the professional Life or feel a job is not for you, and are ready to venture out on your own, your next coffee is on us. From helping you select the right business to get you started on the ground, we are with you all the way.
  • Leadership
    NLooking beyond for something big or outside the Box? Be it a Capital raise, Joint Venture, mergers & acquisitions, Global partnerships, or just fast-tracking your startup Idea, we facilitate Business collaborations to make it happen.
  • Organization
    We figure what makes your Brand unique and help it expand through franchising, helping it reach and capture your ideal franchisees. Our specialization is turning a Business into a scalable, and profitable franchise.
About Me
Hello, I’m Gaurav Marya — Entrepreneur, Author, Business Advisor

The closest thing to a born entrepreneur, Gaurav Marya started his first enterprise at the age of 16. Over the years he has started and sold more than a dozen more. The businesses ranged from mobile phones, career advisory, restaurants to the entertainment business. It was at the age of 24 that he found the focus that allowed him to retain his variety of interests in a successful manner. During a trip to the US in 1998, he saw how franchising had impacted the business scene there...Read More

The most-used object in the conference room attached to Gaurav Marya's office is the whiteboard. His natural position in many conferences and even in one-to-one meetings is to sketch out his ideas on the wide canvas of the whiteboard. He has authored two bestselling titles...Read More

The first business that Gaurav started was a career counseling company. He was then a student in an engineering college. He never really completed his degree. The first business consulting he did was when he was 25 years old. He has always loved this aspect of the business. Gaurav is widely admired for his non-conformist operating style, direct and to-the-point style of rendering managerial advice, his intelligent interventions and vigorous marketing tactics and strategy. Over the years Gaurav has provided consulting and advisory services to over twenty five thousand budding entrepreneurs with a focus on helping them select and meet the challenges of start-up businesses...Read More

Mr.Gaurav Marya has given 21years to the franchise industry, working with several thousand brands. Awarded for many of his accomplishments, he is highly regarded as India’s foremost investor of all time. Over the years, Mr. Marya seasoned endless entrepreneurs globally helping them make informed decisions about their business growth, with expertise in alternative investments, having the successful track record of launching new businesses, delivering superior results to the aspiring entrepreneurs, fundamental analysis of the capital market, proven investing tactics, managing operations, building, and motivating teams, and finally deep diving to drive revenue and growth...Read More

To make every Indian self-reliant for the betterment of lifestyle and resources through entrepreneurship.

25 June 2021
Ep.9: How To Make Your Business Funding Ready? | BEx Academy
There are multiple options for funding a business, and most entrepreneurs would agree that none of them are easy. Fortunately, careful preparation can make the process less painful.
To get “lucky” at raising funds, you have to work incredibly hard at getting your business funding ready. After all – The harder you work, the luckier you get. Join us for an insightful session, where we discuss steps to help you get your business ready for funding and worthy of investment, in order to give you the best chance of securing new investors - either debt or equity. ....View More
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The most-used object in the conference room attached to Gaurav Marya’s office is the whiteboard. His natural position in many conferences and even in one-to-one meetings is to sketch out his ideas on the wide canvas of the whiteboard.
He has authored three bestselling titles on subjects dear to his heart and central to his business: Take Charge! Building an Entrepreneur Mindset and Franchising: The Science of Reproducing Success and It Takes Two To Tango. More books are crystallizing in his mind.
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4 days ago
Eurocan has been happy to report the closing of new franchise agreement this week through Franchise India. We have worked with several other companies but Franchise India has consistently been our best. We look forward for long relationship with their team. Keep up the good work and keep the good partnership deals coming.
4 days ago
Franchise India has constantly proved to be the best source for ‘franchise lead generation’. In the last few years we have successfully awarded several franchisees through the leads we received from Franchise India. We are thankful for the best support we receive from their professionally trained team.
2 days ago
Franchise India has a long partnership with us and there is a strong reason behind that. From time to time we get leads that fortunately turn out to be our franchisees. It’s just that simple.
Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights
6 days ago
Franchise India is indeed the most trusted and reliable platform we found through our experience so far. Several times, we have tried other options as well, but nothing can come close to beating the ‘bang of the buck’ than what we’ve accomplished with Franchise India.
Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights
6 days ago
Go Fuel
Associating with Franchise India has been invaluable for our company as their support has been outstanding. Our long term association helped us grow our network and reach desired results. Our experience with the company has been excellent so far & they are fabulous
Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights
6 days ago
Franchise India is the #1 franchise portal. We have been continuously taking leads from Franchise India for almost 5 years now and our point of conta. They quickly reply to our queries and have been very supportive.
Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights
6 days ago
Franchise India continues to be our top performing business generating platform. The conversion rate of the leads they provide has been very high as compared to other franchise companies operating in India. This year we closed three deals successfully. Thank you Franchise India for bringing us such a qualified prospect.
Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights
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    Growing at 25% annually, India is becoming the world’s largest franchising marketplace after USA.

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