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  • Diversity of a Nation can be bonded through Business Opportunity
  • Oct 2020

Diversity of a Nation can be bonded through Business Opportunity

Diversity of a Nation can be bonded through Business Opportunity

The socio-economic factors, geography, culture, caste, creed, color, conviction, cuisine, costume and custom have all made India look Diverse commonly making us as many countries in one. It is the economics of Business which has bound the nation. How else do you justify a north Indian and a south Indian seeing Idli as a staple meal or Kanjeevaramsarees being a national bridal heirloom or Kashmiri Pashmina being not just an Indian but a global winter wear luxury.

Brands Make India One

The diverse cultures of India are being integrated by Business opportunities and Brands. The Business model of Franchising & Distribution has made India one from a new perspective, making us truly One country – One People. As Indians, we identify with brands as we relate to its values, behavior and symbols. Interestingly, it is also the same way we understand cultures. Brands basically are most of all about human relationships and needs, just as diverse cultures are. Global Brands like Coca Cola, McDonald’s or Levi’s, which came in the 90’s, were able to see oneness of India to reach out to the consumers across India. In the last decade the commonalities in diversity have become increasingly wider and we are seeing this in our use of Smart Phones, Eating out, Hotels we are staying during travel, cinemas, salons, hospitals… the list is endless.

Diversity of India Integrated by Franchising

Today, we are once again in the middle of another economic transformation and this time, the consumer drives it, it is empowered by tech and it is being won by cool, fresh brands. More and more people want to experience excitement and freshness in brands they consume, while they relate to the comfort of known. Indian Consumer today expects modernization and at the same time demand uniformity. The commercial landscape is a significant factor in the appearance of a unified India. New age Businesses all around us are today offering choices in entertainment, food, education, communication, fashion, healthcare so that when we make a reference to our counterpart in the opposite corner of the country knows exactly what we mean. The new Indian consumer culture demands – similitude, consistency and differentiation.

The Success of Franchising

Franchising brings together like-minded people and creates a vehicle to popularize small but admired Brands across the country, continent or the world. It weaves the possibility of entrepreneurial innovation and serves as an entity to bring people together that separately are developing and distributing business opportunities around the country. Interestingly, it is the unity within a franchise system that makes the brand a success. Within a decade or less, franchising already comprises over 40% of our retail & consumer business economy, employs millions of people, and enables hundreds of thousands to realize the dream of successful business ownership. Inspired

Uniting India @ Franchise India 2016

Franchise India 2016 is now in its 14th year an event will be the largest 2-day gathering of entrepreneurs, investorsand brandsfrom all over India and Overseas to see the potential for a better future that comes with partnering the right business opportunity and privilege of selfemployment to more and more people to thrive as Entrepreneur. Over 40,000 business investors will congregate with 400 + leading franchise and Retail Brands, 50 + global brands and 20 + India’s top celebrity brands from sports and Bollywood to find their dream business.
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