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Franchising can help in creating larger scale without heavy investments in retail space and business structure.

The Financial Times-Oct, 2014

We have always strived to open up new opportunities and support innovative initiatives that will build a new culture by allowing different communities to come together and engage.

Delhi Times-Oct, 2014

Growing at 25% annually, India is becoming the world’s largest franchising marketplace after USA.

New Today Chennai-Oct, 2014

In categories like electronics, there is a need to develop expertise in handling after sales trouble. With new assortments there might be disappointments and ensuring the quality would be a tall task.

Business Standard-April 25th 2014

White Indian restaurant brands have done well nationally, only a few of them have been successful in international markets. The presence of Indian brands/ restaurants outside the country is very fragmented.

The Economic Times April 26th, 2014

Mr. Marya expressed hope that $500 Bn. retail sector will get a positive boost with a stable government after the current Lok Sabha elections.

Statesman April 29th, 2014.

The profile of consumers using metro in India is not as eveolved as its western counterparts. Retailers have shown more interest in airports shops.

Mint April 25th, 2014.

The year 2013 was challenging for retail industry. The economic situation in the country impacts consumer sentiment, which in turn, affects sales. The industry requires a stable government to flourish. We do hope for stability in the country post elections. Stability is important not just for retail but for every other industry to do well. If there is any improvement in sentiment, retail will be the first industry to see the impact.

The Hindu May 16th, 2014.

Franchising can be seen from two perspectives- the features & benefits associated with them. From a company view point, franchising is a great form of capital generation and a good means to grow your brand. Younger companies especially in retail segment can continue to grow their brand if they properly utilise franchising.

Almost all the sectors are turning towards implementing the franchising model. Every single industry whether its consumer goods and services, healthcare, retail, education, is looking forward for franchising and successfully implementing the models into their businesses.

Times of India , March 14th, 2014.

“Our role is about the facilitating and helping entrepreneurs. We are an investor-centric, franchise focused company. We are the only integrated franchise solutions company in the world. We help franchisers to expand and entrepreneurs to choose the right franchisee through our advisory and recruitment services, magazines, websites and exhibitions.”

The Financial Express, 27 September, 2013

"It is not that people are not eating out. But their share of wallet on eating out is flat. While [casual dining restaurants] continue to grow organically, store level profitability is prone to sluggish growth on the back of escalating costs and muted consumer spends."

Mint, 29 August 2013

"The cost of real estate and marketing is very high, besides high attrition rate of shop floor staff, unlike in the Middle East. Given the challenges, many companies from the Gulf have either gone slow or pulled out their investments."

Economic Times, 1 August, 2013

"Over the last five to six years Cafe Coffee Day has locked in strategic real estate in cities like Bangalore, delhi and Mumbai. To that extent CCD already has an edge. Of course they are bothered about competition and thats why they have expanded their food menu in response to Starbucks' entry."

Mint, 24 July 2013

"Take a city like Bhatinda. How many job opportunities can you come across that can offer you Rs 1 lakh and above per month? In such cases, franchising is turning out to be an attractive option for number of aspiring entrepreneurs. It comes across as a safe and often low-risk investment. This sector stands to grow by 30% year on year, and the opportunities are immense."

Business India, July 2013

"There is a need to look more presentable, both among men and women is benefiting the industry. Changing work culture, brand awareness, lifestyles and media penetration are helping it clock stronger growth every year. We will see more brand entering the space and the industry will get more organized now."

“No Blues for The Beauty Business” The Hindu Business Line, 11 July, 2013

“India is in contrast to others market such as the UK and USA where Luxury market is driven by women shoppers. In India 65% of the market and bags and shoes form a large part of it.”

“Harry of London to Step In To Help You Step Out” The Economic Times, 11 July, 2013

"Today the thin line between e-Retail and Retail has blurred away. The industry has become customer-centric. Customers can now shop anytime, anywhere from researching products online to exchanging shopping practices on social networks. The e-Retail Congress highlighted the current needs and trends in the industry while recognizing the retailers using the best and most innovative technology applicable to their businesses."

-, 15 February, 2013

"A franchisee needs to understand that while he has bought a brand name, and with it the potential clientele, the onus is on him to grow the business. It's not an 'invest and forget' option."

"When you understand the intricacies of an industry, you are well-equipped to handle the daily business and any crises that may crop up."

"Unless you have the recourse mentioned in the contract [to the contingency of the parent company folding], it will be extremely difficult for you to do much if the parent company goes bust."

- "How to set up a Franchise" Economics Times Wealth 11-17 February, 2013

"Franchising does not eliminate risk, but it does reduce risks."

- "Stepping Stone" Economic Times, 1 February, 2013

"Partially, juice is where coffee stood as a category seven years ago. There is a need to establish and build the fresh juice segment. Any new food or beverage category will have to pass through the initial resistance stages to reap dividends."

- "Jamba Juice looks for partner to enter India" Mint, 29 January, 2013

"Longchamp [French luxury bag manufacturer] has been in talks with us since the last four months to seek an entry in India. The brand is currently studying the luxury market in India and is engaging with companies with significant retail expertise to partner with them."

- "French Luxury Co Longchamp Eyes India" The Times of India, 25 January, 2013

"In recent times we are seeing an interest among branded food chains to go overseas and capitalize on the growing demand."

- Financial Chronicle, 23 March, 2012

"Modern retailers demand a high magnitude of professionalism. The cut-throat competition and entrance of international brands is keeping retailers on their toes. There are ongoing innovations for better customer management. Retailers are now multiplying the ways to reach consumers - through the Internet, mobile and televison."

- The Pioneer, 7 March , 2012

"Franchising in India has witnessed impressive growth of around 30-35 per cent year after year over the last 4-5 years. It is helping transform good ideas into business."

- The Hindu, 27 February, 2012

"Retail Technology has moved away from just being an obligatory expenditure to an enabler of change and a creator of new business opportunities. In the retailer's quest to build an omni-channel platform, it is important for technology players to deliver tailored assortments and categories, enhance customer experience and deliver new gen technology that marries cutting-edge science for fulfilling customer needs."

- APNNews and Retail View, 16 February, 2012