agency problem arise


A successful franchisorfranchisee relationship is the result of a clear understanding of ....Read more

  • Dec 2018
Strategize Your Franchise Success


Most brands are in a hurry to spread their reach by taking franchisees on board. The aim here is to maximise profits....Read more

  • Nov 2018
Why do franchises fail


Not all franchisees succeed even if they start on the right foot. And there are some specific reasons why this happens....Read more

  • Oct 2018
Employment Market

Franchise Sector Expected To Outpace Indian Economy-wide Job Creation In 2018

Businesses &its related industries are invariably bound not just by their economic responsibilities but also to....Read more

  • Oct 2018
Implications of ‘Agency Theory’ solutions in franchising

Implications of ‘Agency Theory’ solutions in franchising

The dynamics of a franchisor-franchisee relationship is dependent on two major factors- ownership & risk sharing. Both of these factors are mutually inclusive....Read more

  • Sept 2018
Franchising This is My Design

Franchising: This is My Design

Franchising is essentially a highly flexible strategic model for businesses looking to scale up operations. The probability of success in such a scenario is highly dependent....Read more

  • Sept 2018
Building A Strong Foundation

Building A Strong Foundation

Any business, to look at it from a long-term perspective, has to be sustainable while being profitable. And when it comes to franchising, what are the key ingredients of success....Read more

  • Sept 2018
Franchised vs Individual Businesses

Franchised vs Individual Businesses

The world of entrepreneurship is one of the most socio-economically diverse ecosystems created by man. By virtue of this, it continues to grow .The matter of....Read more

  • Sept 2018
Can Franchising Be The Solution To India’s Unemployment Challenge

Can Franchising Be The Solution To India’s Unemployment Challenge

India tops the list of the fastest growing economies in the world for the coming decade and is projected to grow at 7.9% annually, ahead of China and the US,according to a Harvard University report....Read more

  • Aug 2018
Picasso Theory

The Picasso Theory

I have been asked by many people what franchising is all about and what is the best way to go about it. Franchising is like an art piece. It is like a painting. It has to be perfect...Read more

  • Jul 2018

Franchising is all about economies of scale

In India, every three out of four adults are considering a path towards skewed towards entrepreneurship. The Indian millennial is not questioning his ability to do it...Read more

  • Jun 2018

Looking For A Franchisee - Do This Lithmus Test

The success of your business depends on the selection of the right franchise partner..Read more

  • May 2018

How Do You Recruit A Quality Franchise Partner?

The selection of quality franchise is the ‘single most differentiator’ in making the franchise system work...Read more

  • Apr 2018

Defining the franchising formula

Franchising has indeed come a long way in India. It contributes USD 4 trillion to the world economy and around USD 35 billion to the Indian market. But still it is far from having become a mature industry...Read more

  • Mar 2018
Product Creation

Value Creation as Important as Product Creation

If you ask yourself why a business would suffer just because demonetization happened, you will realise that it was not a problem of cash but a problem of business...Read more

  • Feb 2018

4 Ps To Transform Your Business From Good To Great

A journey from Good to Great calls for change of approach and let year 2018 take you to the Level next as an enterprise...Read more

  • Jan 2018

Building a new India

Change is the only constant in a dynamic economy, which India is currently. Buying a franchise could be the best decision you make in the Indian environment today...Read more

  • Dec 2017

Entrepreneurship is a Calculated Risk

Nowadays, entrepreneurship has become a career path to follow and it is more glorified around this guy who will jump off a cliff and then learn the way things are done...Read more

  • Oct 2017

Four pillars of success

In India, every three out of four adults are considering a path towards skewed towards entrepreneurship. The Indian millennial is not questioning his ability to do it...Read more

  • Sep 2017

Franchise Code of Conduct for Change

The science of franchising demonstrates valuable lessons in leadership. Change and innovation are the DNA of every business system in today’s world and the franchise systems are no different...Read more

  • Aug 2017
making easy-transition

Making An Easy Transition

Franchising as a distribution strategy is rapidly growing and one part of this can also be attributed to small business owners, who are converting their current stores, or businesses into a franchise ownership..Read more

  • Jul 2017
Funding trends

Funding Trends for Franchise Companies in 2017

Evaluating franchise brands for funding and investing in franchisors is increasingly becoming a private equity norm in India. Though handful, these funding entities understand franchising...Read more

  • Dec 2016

8-8-8 Indian Franchise Ecosystem

In the last 19 years of my involvement in the growth of the franchise industry, I have seen the franchise fraternity acting more like a catalyst for change in the entire business ecosystem not just in India but all over the world...Read more

  • Nov 2016
Business opportunity

Diversity of a Nation can be bonded through Business Opportunity

The socio-economic factors, geography, culture, caste, creed, color, conviction, cuisine, costume and custom have all made India look Diverse commonly making us as many countries in one...Read more

  • Oct 2016

The Rise of Micro Entrepreneurship

Alook outside the corporate office of Mahindra Group on a regular day in Mumbai would be of an array of about 12 barber shops stacked in a neat row, with a two-seater or few more chairs and all busy servicing their ...Read more

  • Sep 2016

15 Mega Trends in Franchising

WITH democratisation of entrepreneurship, there has been emergence of businesses that did not exist till few years back. These businesses are premised on simple, affordable and convenient innovation...Read more

  • Aug 2016

Franchising can help in creating larger scale without heavy investments in retail space and business structure. The Financial Times-Oct, 2014

Mr. Marya expressed hope that $500 Bn. retail sector will get a positive boost with a stable government after the current Lok Sabha elections. Statesman April 29th, 2014

White Indian restaurant brands have done well nationally, only a few of them have been successful in international markets. The presence of Indian brands/ restaurants outside the country is very fragmented. The Economic Times April 26th, 2014

In categories like electronics, there is a need to develop expertise in handling after sales trouble. With new assortments there might be disappointments and ensuring the quality would be a tall task. Business Standard-April 25th 2014

Growing at 25% annually, India is becoming the world's largest franchising marketplace after USA. New Today Chennai-Oct, 2014