The closest thing to a born entrepreneur, Gaurav Marya started his first enterprise at the age of 16. Over the years he has started and sold more than a dozen more. The businesses ranged from mobile phones, career advisory, restaurants to the entertainment business. It was at the age of 24 that he found the focus that allowed him to retain his variety of interests in a successful manner. During a trip to the US in 1998, he saw how franchising had impacted the business scene there. He recognized that franchising was the fastest way of building entrepreneurship. In 1999 Gaurav set up Franchise India, which is today the largest integrated franchise and retail solution company in Asia.

Within the group identity of Franchise India Holdings Limited Gaurav has set up a number of initiatives and companies.

Franchise India Exhibitions is a dedicated event management entity that extends franchise, retail and SME opportunities across tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India and an annual show in the UAE.

Franchise India Brands Limited is a leading business brokerage firm that facilitates the buying and selling of businesses.

Francorp India is the Indian arm of the global leader of the franchising consulting industry Francorp.

Franchise Guru provides solutions to Indian franchise investors.

Remax India provides information on the realty market, brokerage solutions to property owners and location solutions to franchise requirements.  Franchise Middle East enables entrepreneurs and investors to extend their footprint across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

FranGlobal caters to international brands all across the world and provides consulting solutions as well as helps in building Master Franchises for them.

Bradford License India, the Indian arm of the New Jersey based Bradford Licensing, is the country's first complete licensing solution provider offering advisory, brokerage and management services.

Indian Retailer has been established as a magazine and is now poised to become a leading consumption insight company.

Entrepreneur India promotes and serves entrepreneurship in India; it conducts events, publishes Small Medium Entrepreneur, books and provides focused services to enable SMEs become big.

Franchising can help in creating larger scale without heavy investments in retail space and business structure. The Financial Times-Oct, 2014

Mr. Marya expressed hope that $500 Bn. retail sector will get a positive boost with a stable government after the current Lok Sabha elections. Statesman April 29th, 2014

White Indian restaurant brands have done well nationally, only a few of them have been successful in international markets. The presence of Indian brands/ restaurants outside the country is very fragmented. The Economic Times April 26th, 2014

In categories like electronics, there is a need to develop expertise in handling after sales trouble. With new assortments there might be disappointments and ensuring the quality would be a tall task. Business Standard-April 25th 2014

Growing at 25% annually, India is becoming the world's largest franchising marketplace after USA. New Today Chennai-Oct, 2014