• Aug 18, 2017
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Changing trends in Business opens doors for Franchise Industry: Gaurav Marya

Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman, Franchise India Holdings Ltd. addresses the audience at Delhi show 2016 talking about the tremendous change the franchising industry has gone through since last two years, further listing and discussing the challenges and opportunities of Franchising in India


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Franchising can help in creating larger scale without heavy investments in retail space and business structure. The Financial Times-Oct, 2014

Mr. Marya expressed hope that $500 Bn. retail sector will get a positive boost with a stable government after the current Lok Sabha elections. Statesman April 29th, 2014

White Indian restaurant brands have done well nationally, only a few of them have been successful in international markets. The presence of Indian brands/ restaurants outside the country is very fragmented. The Economic Times April 26th, 2014

In categories like electronics, there is a need to develop expertise in handling after sales trouble. With new assortments there might be disappointments and ensuring the quality would be a tall task. Business Standard-April 25th 2014

Growing at 25% annually, India is becoming the world's largest franchising marketplace after USA. New Today Chennai-Oct, 2014