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How to acquire your first customer?


You have done everything you were advised to do and this is the day you start your enterprise. Regardless of the scale of operations, there is always that first sale to make, the first order to acquire and deliver and the first client to attract and to serve. How can you create success at early stages of the enterprise and replicate the success in all the iterations of the production-sale-delivery-collection cycle thereon.
You may have started the enterprise with a big dream and a big vision; but do not begin by acting like a big corporation from day one. Learn to walk before you run.
You need to introspect and see how you start trusting people. If I speak for myself I use Test & Measure principles on people also. That means I build trust on the basis of how people perform on small, relatively less important tasks before entrusting them with big tasks.

So my response to the question on how we should acquire first customers would be to attract opinion makers as first customers. They need not be the best paying clients. They can be acquired by offering service differentials or cost differentials. In simple words, charging less and/or delivering more. You can also work towards performance benchmarks that will de-risk these high profile clients. They pay as per your meeting certain agreed standards of service. Your mentors can help you by capitalizing on their social capital for your benefit by referring you to high potential prospects.

Your service to your first customers should be at a level where you can expect them to provide you with testimonials. Early testimonials from opinion makers have tremendous value in acquiring future clients.

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